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still the united states? good question. paul says i think reality should be pointed out to people of the south, they get most of those big storms they right now are getting more from the federal government than they pay in. if mitt romney were elected, how could they pay for their disasters when they can't pay their own way now. darlene asks just watching some of the rescues from the storm, i didn't see one stockbroker on hedge fund manager risking their lives. yeah, good point. we'll talk about some of the gay and lesbian issues in the campaign with terry next, and joined by fawn johnson from the national journal. [♪ theme music ♪] >> bill: trick or treat. hey, good morning, everybody. happy halloween, and welcome to the "full court press" this wednesday october 31st. good to see you today, we're coming to you live all the way across this great land of ours on current tv with the "full court press," your sane alternative in the morning, so you don't have to watch that conservative crap on the news or cable television. you have it right here on current tv,
a way out. >> did you really mean to call barack obama, the president of the united states, lazy? >> yes. i think you saw him admit it the night before when he delivered the pizzas, he said they are making me do this work. he didn't want to prepare for this debate. >> john sununu would not take back calling the president of the united states lazy. this man is republican worked for george w. bush, ronald reagan was in the white house ronald reagan of take naps during the middle of the day fame, he was president of the united states while john sununu was governor and he probably never would have said of ronald reagan that he is lazy. >> that's a really really good point you make. because you could legitimately say he did not prepare for the debate. >> certainly on style points. but when you take a look at barack obama substancively, the man -- this is a part of a right-wing theme that has been going on out there, mean, i hate that word but this is part of a right-wing theme that said that barack obama is not prepared to be president of the united states, he
the stage in boca raton florida. one, president of the united states the other wants to be president of the united states. one knew what he was talking about on foreign policy. the other didn't have a clue! but one thing for sure on that stage last night we only saw one commander in chief. yes, obama wins round three of the presidential debate hands down. we'll get into it every which way here for the next three hours but first today's latest, the current news update from lisa ferguson out in los angeles. hi lisa, good morning. >> hey bill. good morning everyone. if you are asking yourself who won last night's presidential debate you probably weren't watching. president obama came out with a strong and aggressive performance against mitt romney on foreign policy. the first instant poll from cbs shows 53% of undecided voters say president obama came out on top, just 23% say toward romney. but there are some differing opinions out there. according to cnn poll, only 40% of viewers say romney won but 60% say he is ready
of the united states. you can't wait until you get to the oval to start showing signs of leadership and what you do as a candidate seems to me has a lot to say with what we can expect from that person once he or she gets in the oval office. given that, mitt romney had two great opportunities to show some leadership yesterday and he bombed on both. flunked on both! blew both opportunities. let's start with richard mourdock okay. we talked a little about this yesterday. richard mourdock, republican senate candidate out in indiana up against great democratic candidate joe donnelly and richard mourdock who in the debate, with joe donnelly, said he would not -- he would not allow an exception to a ban on abortion in case of rape because if you get pregnant through a rape, that's just as good as getting pregnant any other way. that's what god had in store for you, honey. >> i believe that life begins at conception. the only exception i have for -- to have an abortion is in that case of the life of the mother. i struggled with i
. >> the united states and iran has agreed to a one-on-one talk on nuclear weapons. but the white house so far as denied the agreement. >> governor romney what worries me is that he is not ready for national security. >> other democrats painted romney as someone who is inexperienced and could bluster his way into a war with iran. more after the break, we're live in chat at used as a major talking point. (vo) the only network with real-time reaction straight from the campaigns and from viewers like you. >> now that's politially direct. >>start the night with a special live edition of "talking liberally with stephanie miller" at 7 eastern. only on current tv. what we need are people prepared for the careers of our new economy. by 2025 we could have 20 million jobs without enough college graduates to fill them. that's why at devry university we're teaming up with companies like cisco to help make sure everyone is ready with the know-how we need for a new tomorrow. [ male announcer ] make sure america's ready. make sure you're ready. at
or not the united states should be supplying tomorrows the rebels. we are supplying other forms of aid, but only on that point did % mitt romney say anything differently. i want to know what you think about this. what do you think about foreign policy that president -- president obama has brought about a different approach to foreign policy. i don't think there is any doubt. let's look at the war in iraq. it's over. there are just some peace-keeping troops there, and troops training the iraqi police. the war in afghanistan is wining down. that ten-year -- is it -- or maybe 12 years now we have been in afghanistan. we have a new democratic regime in egypt, we have a new democratic regime, working on it, in libya. we have called for the removal from power of president assad of syria, and again, without supplying them arms or helping the rebels and have clearly put ourselves on the cause of the rebels there. not to mention almost the entire leadership of al-qaeda is gone. they have been targeted and killed by the obama administration. osama bin laden no longer is a threat to th
city on the planet. we're right here, right down the street from the united states capitol. good to have you with us today. lots and lots to talk about and more post-debate commentary about president obama's comments on libya and mr. romney's comments on governor romney's comments, i should say on coal and other energy issues all across the board the debate continues leading up to the next presidential debate which is monday. i don't know where this one is. peter? >> i knew and now i forgot. i'll find out. >> bill: doesn't matter where it is. we'll be there with you watching it and talking about it. today, more spillover from tuesday night's debate. wherever you happen to be, thank you for joining us, whether you're watching or listening on your local progressive talk radio station or watching on current tv, listening to sirius x.m., this is the place to start your day. i appreciate the fact that you do so. we are here with the entire team this morning. peter ogborn and dan henning hello, guys. >> good morn
the enthusiastic tweets of people thanking the united states postal service. they got the mail on time out yesterday all along the east coast. several tweets about that. i just wanted to point that out. >> bill: they weren't shut down? >> no. they were delivering mail yesterday. >> bill: even during a hurricane. their slogan, neither rain, nor sleet -- >> they got it there. one person points out in a time like this, who would you rather have president? a community organizer or a businessman? good point. jim irwin on the political side tweeting will hurricane sandy make for paper ballots rather than electronic in states where the power is down? the idea of what we're going to do about election day is starting to loom. that's going to be, i think the next big thing. >> bill: it is because the storm is going to be around for so long and the focus immediately after -- let's say by today right. maybe in parts of jersey and delaware and even here in the d.c. area, it will be clean up rather than more storm. we're not
-- not allowed to have any notes. why the hell not? do you really think that any president of the united states is going to make a decision on any major issue without having a briefing paper in front of him or her? no. you think they're not allowed to make notes during cabinet meetings? it is crazy. >> and on that note about the notes, i will -- just to play devil's advocate the fact that romney didn't have notes at this last debate i think showed how unqualified he was at this last debate. >> bill: i think it would have been fun if barack obama had a middle of the east and when mitt romney said -- [ laughter ] >> bill: -- that syria is iran's path to the sea. that barack obama would have say what about this governor -- >> proceed governor. >> bill: right. and no applause. okay? why not? they had applause during the primary. people booed, hissed applauded, laugh. no, everybody has to take a vow of silence. what the screw -- i know what i want to say -- but they are not monks. good. that was a good zinger. i like that one. as long as they make sure the audience is fairly bala
from the united states capitol building in the shadow of the capitol dome. i know you want to get right into the debate. we'll do that and take your calls at 1-866-55-press. for me, back from a quick overnight trip to san diego did a little debate with mike murphy in front of the american banker's association. thanks to john fugelsang for coming to fill in yesterday and good to be back with you and with the whole team here, peter hello. >> hey hey! >> dan running the board this morning with phil. >> good morning. >> handling the phones and cyprian on the cameras and here we are. how about it. boy, san diego's a beautiful town. >> that's what i've heard. >> never been there? >> i've never been to santiago. >> san diego. that's a different place. it's just a great town. it's beautiful and the weather is perfect. i've lived almost everywhere in california but canned craig, love going there but i could never live there because i would just drop out. i'd get me a little sailboat and that would be the last you heard. >> don't you think about really nice places like that, you want to visit and
will make a great united states senator. i think yesterday he apologized for his comments and i think he was right for apologizing for them. i disagree with the comments he made. but the liberal media will do everything they can no twist and turn things that conservatives say, you know, i think richard is the man who would make a terrific united states senator he is a conservative and stands on principal. >> bill: don't you love it. blame the liberal media. >> i'm tired of that. >> bill: blame the liberal media for twisting and turning. here is a quick point. he does not stand alone. remember he had todd akin up against claire mccaskill who says well if i's legitimate rape a woman's body knows. reject those sperms because it's coming from legitimate rape. legitimate rape, or what is the opposite of legitimate rape? rape you want. the whole concept is just disgusting. paul ryan himself in the house with todd akin and with richard mourdock sponsored legislation. over 100 republicans that signed this legislation to redefine rape so say that you could only consider having an
and gestures and bit lake county much more than they should in selecting a president of the united states. eleanor smeal will be joining us head of the feminist majority. stay tuned here with us on the full court press. >> announcer: this is the "bill press show." [ ♪ theme ♪ ] granholm, spitzer, and vice president gore, watch the only truly experienced presidential debate coverage. (vo) john fugelsang sees what happens. >> you know, blaming this economy on barack obama is kinda like blaming your hangover on the guy making breakfast. i like mitt romney but i'm sorry. they guy has flipped more than a crack house mattress. this campaign has become so toxic, beverly hills housewives are now injecting it into their foreheads. (vo) so current gave him a weekly show. >> i love romney's debate style, but i tell you, if i could be that stiff for 90 minutes, i'd ... (vo) we probably won't regret it. [ ♪ theme ♪ ] >> announcer: this is the "bill press show," live on your radio and current tv. >> bill: 14 minutes now before the top of the hour here. the full court press on friday morning
of the united states, paul ryan. we've got a big show for you. we're going to be talking about do debates matter. >> good morning jamal. this is exciting. >> i'm excited for jamal. >> excitement's one word for it. >> you've been one of our longest friends of the show. you've been with us for a long time and never sat in the big chair. >> i never sat in the big chair. i got to say it feels a little awkward but we're going to keep it on the bill press setting. >> don't change the setting. >> headlines country singer jason albine let his lips do some wandering but was caught. he was caught kissing former american idol contestant britney kerr. he immediately said he simply drank too much, screwed up and let things get out of hand. while he has been getting support on his facebook page with most saying people make mistakes britney kerr was getting threats for what she did and had to deact invite her account. they were saying it was her fault. >> it's horrible. she's a home wrecker. >> you know what this sounds like? a really good country song. >> just two days left in the regular baseball season, one
at the highest rate in four years. 1.9 million cars, trucks and suvs sold in the united states in september, up 13% from last year -- then same period a year ago. that gets us up to probably 15 million vehicles being sold -- new cars and trucks sold this year in the united states. again, proving that the auto bailout, which mitt romney opposed, remember he preferred just letting our auto industry go belly up. so good news on the jobs front and the auto front. let's talk about it at 866-55-press. the economy, showing good signs of progress. >> announcer: this is the bullfight strategies. the "bill press show." live on your radio and on current tv. ♪ (vo) always outspoken, now unleashed, joy behar. >> on my next show, i'll talk to tyne daly. she won the prestigious rush limbaugh's worst nightmare award. i don't think you knew that. jack you're a little boring. boring. boring. [ jack ] after lauren broke up with me, i went to the citi private pass page and decided to be...not boring. that's how i met marilyn... giada... really good. yes! [ jack ] ...and alicia. ♪ this girl
that jeep is expanding in the united states. they are adding thousands of jobs right here. one person said maybe obama wasn't so far off base when he called mitt romney a bs-er, and myth got meatloaf's endorsement to lure chris christie to events. [ laughter ] >> i heard meatloaf will be there, maybe i'll show up. >> bill: that will do it. terry is calling from berkeley california. >> caller: hi, bill, what is wrong with the press in general? the -- when talking about mitt romney, greg palast has an article in the nation called mitt romney's bailout bonanza. how the romneys made millions. >> bill: yes, we had that here on our show, even greg wrote that article for the nation. you are right. the media has not been covering a lot of the facts about mitt romney. and i have said that here many times. >> announcer: this is the "bill press show." ♪ vote on november 6th but just as importantly to take the time to learn about each candidate's stance on the issues that matter to you. to help you make informed decisions, watch current tv's politically direct lineup. only on curren
donnelly. he's going to make a great united states senator. here's what the american people want and i've said this many times but want to make the point again. i've been involved as a candidate and campaign manager and just a grunt volunteer in many many, many campaigns and in every political campaign one fight like hell to win. you never want to lose. you want your candidate to win your cause to win and that's what politics is all about. but after the election what america wants are the winners and losers who will sit down and say ok, now the election's behind us, we've got two years or four years or six years to get things done. what are the problems facing this country and how are we going to work together to build a better country and to solve these problems? that is what's lacking today on the republican side. democrats are still willing to do it. we don't have republicans today that are willing to do it. arlen specter was one of the last ones. may he rest in peace. >> announcer: radio meets television, the "bill press show," now on current t.v. ♪ (vo) during the debates, it's
that they are doing in this country, bringing the steal industry back to the united states at their website. on the road with mitt romney now in the lexington, kentucky ready to report on tonight's vice presidential debate, juana summers. >> good morning. >> bill: thank for joining us again. i have my nat's cap on this morning, and i'm sure you have yours on too. >> dirty secret, i am actually a huge cardinal's fan. >> bill: good-bye juana. [ laughter ] >> bill: get ready to be embarrassed letter today. on the road with mitt romney. did he give a lift out of last week's performance. >> people really believe these changes in the polls we have seen are going to last and mitt romney effectively took down the president and showed the real contrast between the two of them. and they are expecting that to continue tonight. he has done a little bit of debate prep. he was out on the road on sunday and ohio and michigan on monday and yesterday after his debate prep in florida, he dropped in with a local ice cream shop and chatted with local reporters. >> bill: what did he tell you?
gubernatorial candidate, congress, president of the united states, choose a candidate and go down and volunteer one hour or two hours get involved. >> bill: good advice. we have time for iree in pennsylvania. good morning. >> caller: hi, bill. listen bill, i don't know -- i heard something maybe you didn't hear. i did hear mitt romney mention of vouchers and because he -- elaborated and said that you could send your children to the school of your choice. >> bill: yes. >> caller: he did say that. >> bill: i don't think he used the word voucher. that's the only point that i made. it was pretty clear what he was talking about dennis, right? >> he was talking about parents ought to have their choice of which school to go to and the money ought to follow the student. i'm not sure. we'll have to go back and check did he use the word vouchers. >> bill: we know what he was talking about. he was talking about taking the money from public schools and putting it into private schools and religious schools. >> his solut
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